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Using Github Actions for continuous deployment

Session Category Development & Performance Room Room 325 Audience Intermediate Time Slot Fri 1:15pm to 2:00pm (9/15/23)

You like to keep all your Drupal website code in Github (GUIs for PRs! Clear code diffs! Searchability! Visibility within your organization!), but hosting partners like Pantheon and Acquia have their own Git repositories that tie into their deployment processes. This session will walk you through taking an existing Github Drupal repository and automatically deploying any updates to that repository's main branch (eg, by merging in a pull request) to a Pantheon dev environment.

(As of August 2023) Github accounts include 2000 minutes of Github actions execution minutes for private repositories, and Pantheon's Silver plan is also free. So if you'd like to reproduce what I'm showing to explore the possibilities for your own websites, you can do so at no cost. 

Slides PDF format: Using Github actions.pdf (359.98 KB)

About the Speaker

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Gena Wilson

Principal Software Engineer at Dept (Agency)

Chicago, IL

Gena (said like "Jenna") Wilson is enthusiastic about impossible meat, distance running, and of course Drupal! She's been working with Drupal since 2012, and was pleased that D8 finally made her learn how to use preprocess functions (instead of putting PHP in the template files). Although she's seen many websites through to their successful launches, her favorite is probably a tiny forum site she created for all the owners in her condo building to talk to each other. She lives near the lakefront in Chicago with her cat.