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Open Source FTW: How we made Same Page Preview

Session Category Beginner Track Room Room 326 Audience Beginner Time Slot Thu 9:45am to 10:30am (9/14/23)

You can make cool things with open source development.  

In this talk we'll walk through how we made Same Page Preview, a cool new feature for Drupal.  The journey we took in order to figure out what features should be included, how we tested, how we kept momentum going to push the feature to the finish like, was a pretty cool journey.  

Things that drove progress:

  • Collaborating online
  • Making update / demos to report status
  • Organize thoughts, build consensus, and make decisions within a small team.
  • "Write" tests and ensure you don't have to solve errors twice.

Hear how we learned these skills and how you could use them to build your own ideas with Open Source.

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